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About Montrose Bible Conferece
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Adventure Activities

There are many groups within the Body of Christ, that can experience growth in their relationship with Christ, as well significant growth within their personal relationships through the intense experience of well-facilitated adventure ministry. These activities are so much more than just mere entertainment, recreation, or the next adrenaline rush. They are strategic tools that we have seen God use to impact lives. Together they can form a pathway, an avenue to tremendous growth potential, not only for individuals, but for groups as well. Join us for the adventure and expereince how God will work to draw you to Himself!

Bubble Soccer is the sport of playing soccer while encased in an inflated ball which covers the player's upper-body and head. 

4 balls for $100

8 balls for $200 

Our Geocaching treasure hunt is great for youth and adults. We’ll provide a GPS device and an adventure full of lots of surprises and twists and turns. Hope your GPS can keep up!


$25 per session

Four climbing routes from beginner to advanced are created by attaching simulated rock holds of various shapes and sizes to the indoor, painted wooden wall designed to simulate a rock surface.

The Bouldering Wall

This wall is ten-feet high. Participants climb across the wall only a few feet off the ground. Minimum of 10 participants is required and is for ages 6 and over.


$8 per person including multiple climbs per person over a 1-2½ hour period ($5 for overnight retreat guests)

The Climbing Wall

This wall is where the participants will be fitted with a harness, helmet and a rope for team belaying. The team belay is a great system for team-building. Minimum of 10 participants is required and is for ages 8 and over


$8 per person including multiple climbs per person over a 1-2½ hour period ($5 for overnight retreat guests)

2 to 3-hour sessions available

Paintball is a group game where players use air-powered markers that propel water-soluble gelatin capsules to mark opponents in Capture-the-Flag style competitions.

IMAGINE participants moving from interaction to introspection to decision making
ACCELERATE learning and Biblical application
EXPLORE team-building games, rooted in Scripture
EXPERIENCE heart pounding, adrenaline-draining, unadulterated fun

Is paintball valid for ministry?

Between rounds of play, your guide will lead the group in faith-based debriefs. The nature of the sport makes for lively, provocative discussions. Each round will illustrate a spiritual lesson and encourages decision-making. Players explore such themes as:

  • Spiritual warfare
  • Building successful life strategies
  • Actions and consequences
  • Eternal destiny
  • Team-work and team-building

We quickly learned that strategy was the key to winning. Then it hit me, "If I’m going to make it for the long haul as a husband and a father, I had better be applying God’s strategy so I can be a real winner in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a session of paintball?

A session includes semi-automatic marker, safety mask, paintballs, and spiritual challenges. Groups can come in for a day or use paintball as part of their extended retreat experience. Additional meals and lodging are available.

Can I bring my own equipment or paint?

We like to keep everyone matched up evenly so plan to use MBC gear and paint.

Who can play?

Anyone 12 years of age or older who is with a guest group can play. MBC does not allow “walk-ons.”  Release forms must be signed by all players.

What is your field like?

A secluded, specially prepared area in our woods features a variety of man-made and natural bunkers, including a boulder field with a unique natural rock fortress.   

What if we experience inclement weather?

Paintball is played year round in all kinds of weather.  MBC has stand-by activities if play is not possible.

Paintball Rates (Prices are per person)

$30 - includes 200 paintballs
($25 for overnight retreat guests)


Rockets that soar 300 feet in the air? We’ve measured it! This event is great for youth to adults and provides an experience of craftsmanship and thrilled at the same time.


$25 per session

These activities test your ability to work together as a team and develop your problem solving skills. Groups find that it allows them to develop and grow closer together.


$25 per session

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