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2021 Projects

We have many opportunities for friends of Montrose to help advance our ministry!

Our Focus 

We are finishing the interior of our new 3 bay garage and maintenance building. We are adding new dorms to the lower level of the J-Dorms. We are putting in a 9 hole disc golf course. We continue to convert our propane appliances to natural gas. A list of some of our projects scheduled is listed below as well as some of our future plans.  Your support of these projects helps us to continue to share the hope of the gospel!    



Dreyer Lodge:

Replacement windows 2nd floor@ $250/window - IN PROCESS $1,500 remaining
Guest Room improvements $3,000  
Exterior Painting $750  
Lobby Makeover $7,500  
Chapel Windows, Lighting and Wall Covering $6,000


Torrey Home:

Entrance/Driveway Lighting, Parking & Landscaping  $10,000  
Exterior Painting $1,000  
Torrey Roof $10,000  


Decking Lighting IN PROCESS $1,500  
Exterior Painting 1,000  
Paint paneling in rooms- IN PROCESS $500  


Emergency lights in dining hall & kitchen $500  
Dining Room Lighting $1,000  


Emergency lights in dorms and rec hall $500  
 New Dorm Space - In Process $25,000  

Rec Hall:

Stone road to Rec Hall $1,500  

Miscellaneous Projects:

Towel Holders for 50 guest rooms $1,500  
Remove water box ( Laundry) $500  
Housekeeping equipment & linens


Kitchen equipment -  $3,000  
Homestead Shutters $250  
Improved Campfire seating area $700  
Youth Campus paths around rec hall & dorms $2,500  
Office Computers & software upgrades $1,500  
Sneeze guards for Tea Room and Lake Avenue buffets $2,500  
Signage $3,000  




Major Projects 

(being planned or waiting for funding)


 Locust Grove Campus

Replace Sidewalks    

 Maplewood Campus

 Rec Hall Bathrooms      
Acquire Property Adjacent to Gym    
New Water Supply Line $4,000  
Youth Chapel bathroom            $5,000  
 Upgrade Locks $1,000  
Renovations to Lake Avenue House  $10,000  
Conversion from Propane to Natural Gas - IN PROCESS              $3,250  







Can you help us with these opportunities?


OR send gifts to:

Montrose Bible Conference
218 Locust Street
Montrose, PA 18801

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