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Events at Montrose Bible Conference
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Webinar - Being Prepared: Planning in Volatile Times

October 29, 2020

Being Prepared: Planning in Volatile Times 
12:30 PM Webinar or 6:30 PM Webinar

During this crisis, we are facing critical questions. To address fears with facts and sort through the ever-changing financial landscape, we have created a relevant presentation with an educational overview of market volatility as it relates to finances and charitable giving. Find answers to questions such as:

* Why should we not fear?

* What can we learn from history?

* What does the Bible say about the future?

* What principles transcend economic conditions?

* What resources can help right now?

This webinar will also be offered through a seminar in person at Montrose Bible Conference on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.  See our event listing for more details. 

Seminar presenters are MBC ministry partners, Bernie Bostwick & Dirk Olds of Ambassador Advisors.  There is no charge for this event but please call or register online to let us know you will be attending.  We will be emaiing you a link to this webinar. These seminars are sponsored jointly by Montrose Bible Conference and our friends at Christian radio station, WPEL.  

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