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Summer Camp at  Montrose Bible College
Please use this gift to help a family send their kids to summer camp.
I hope their lives can be changed forever the way it
changed mine. Thank you for all you do.

Sara – a Former camper

Summer Camp

At the Montrose Bible Conference, we want to team up with you to help your kids deepen their relationship with Christ and with their peers. Life is busy, it’s hard to make time to really focus on those goals; that’s where we come in.
We want to help your kids by giving them time...time to make friends, time to have fun. And most importantly, we want to give them time to know Jesus like they’ve never known Him before. We offer several camp opportunities this summer where your kids can soak in what’s really important. 

This summer we’ll hit the pool hard, we’ll dive into camp games and worship and make new friends and milkshakes and climbing walls and devotion times, and we’ll go deep into God’s Word – our instruction manual for life


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